Husband Went To Impressive Lengths To Ensure His Wife Had Her Favorite Coffee

There are many ways to ensure a long, happy marriage; trust, respect and communication are all key to keeping a relationship alive. Another tidbit that some might share is making sure your partner feels special, maybe by doing things like surprising them with their favorite items. It might not be crucial, but it's surely a rule by which David Pedlow lives.

David has been married to his wife Jackie for half a century. They met at 18, married two years later and have been a devoted duo ever since.

In those many decades, David has learned what things are important to Jackie ... such as having a nice cup of her special brand of coffee in the morning.

So when Jackie discovered she'd run out of the beans, David knew he needed to head to the store. The couple are currently relying only on their electric bike, so he strapped on his helmet for the trip.

The only catch is that Grand Mère coffee is only sold in France, across the English Channel from their home in Plymouth, England.


David wasn't going to let that tiny detail get in the way, however, so he hopped on the Brittany Ferry for the nighttime crossing.

David spent the night sleeping on the floor of the ferry and awoke in the northwestern port town of Roscoff, about 120 miles from home.

Once he debarked in France, he cycled over ten miles, up the coast and slightly inland, until he reached a supermarket that sold the particular coffee.

David readily admits that the coffee isn't an incredibly special one. He told his local paper that "it's a very basic coffee ... but it's the flavor that Jackie really likes."

Obviously after his impressive and lengthy journey, David didn't want to head home with a pound or two. He'd come prepared to stock up, with a trailer hooked up to his electric bike.

He purchased a whopping 30 kilograms (approximately 66 pounds) of coffee for €166 (about $185). He also stocked up on French mineral water, which he was sure to need on his epic shopping trip.


Although Jackie didn't realize his intentions beforehand, she learned upon his return that he'd been all the way to another country to get her the coffee her heart desired.

If it wasn't already clear after the first 50 years, it's safe to say that David's a keeper!

Via: Little Things | Metro UK/ SWNS

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