Husbands And Wives That Are Way More Embarrassing Than Your Spouse

Marriage is a lifetime commitment and it can be hard work to keep that commitment feeling fresh and fun. It's all too easy to slip into a rut and just let life pass you by. 

Fortunately, not everyone is heading for the divorce courts - in fact, even today more people stay married than don't. That might be down to the fact that these people's spouses are willing to seize the day and keep things interesting.

So to help you work out what that might look like, we bring you 15 long-suffering spouses and their very amusing partners. We hope you laugh as much as we did. 

1. DIY Wizardry


We know that marriage can be a tricky path to negotiate at times, but this gentleman's wife has left herself no path at all. 

2. Not What She Had In Mind


This Redditor was asked by his wife if he could help her make sure that the nursery was ready for their new baby. We laughed, but we're not sure she did.

3. Unfulfilled Cravings


This poor pregnant wife sent her husband to the store to satisfy her cravings for frozen yogurt. What he brought back might be described as an epic fail.

4. Mixed Messages


One husband on Reddit had his head in his hands as he tried to figure out what his wife was trying to tell their two daughters. 


5. Bad Birthday


We think this wife thinks she's bitten off more than she can Chewie. This is her husband's idea of a great birthday present.

6. Shared Interests


This long-suffering lady has finally decided that if she can't distract her husband from the game, she'll join him. Sort of, maybe.

7. Biology And Geology Failure


One wife relates the time that she took her husband to Legoland for a day out and on seeing this impressive beast he said, "That's a really cool looking rhinoceros." Oh dear.

8. Cheesed Off


This was the time that one Redditor's wife tried Babybel for the first time. If you're not familiar with the product, it's cheese. Wrapped in wax.

9. In The Dog House


This lady's husband is away on business so often that she's taken to having dinner with the dog. What's most disturbing is that the dog looks like he does this a lot.

10. Dad Being Dad


This lady shares an intimate moment when her husband is supposed to be watching the baby but has lost himself in playing with the baby's toys instead.


11. Super Husband?

Two For Joy

The Redditor /u/twoforjoy fondly remembers the day that she came home early from work and burst into her husband's office to find him dressed like this. 

12. Symphony Of Destruction


This husband says that his wife complains that he won't take her out for dinner very often. He says this photo explains why not. 

13. It's A Dog's Life


This Redditor says, "Heard my husband telling the dog to stay still in the kitchen. Walked in and this greeted me." Thank goodness they don't have a pet elephant. 

14. Two To Tango


This husband was only obliging his wife when she refused to wear a skimpy outfit unless he would be prepared to wear it first. We wish he hadn't. 

15. We Are Quite Amused


You'll recognize the lady on the right, that's the Queen of England Elizabeth II. The chap in the soldier's uniform? Yes, you've guessed it. It's her husband Prince Philip. 

Aren't those smashing examples of the sense of humor it takes to stay happy together over the years? We think so. 

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