Husky Pup Saves Woman From Abusive Relationship

Now, if you saw Amanda Tromp and her adorable husky Kyro, you'd think they've got a pretty great life. In fact, Tromp herself describes it as "[their] own little fairytale." But things weren't always like that; just three short years ago, Tromp and Kyro both found themselves in pretty desperate positions with no idea of how to get out.

Kyro was born to a mother who abandoned her litter of ten tiny Husky pups shortly after giving birth to them.

Someone posted an ad online asking for help in raising the large litter. Tromp saw the post and volunteered to take Kyro home with her, where she bottle-fed him back to health.

As Kyro grew, so did the bond between owner and dog.

Tromp's kindness and nurturing spirit helped keep Kyro his happy and healthy self. As for his influence on Tromp, she said, "his blue eyes were a motivation to see happiness that I couldn't ignore."


Those motivating blue eyes led Tromp to finally escape from an abusive relationship that she'd been stuck in for years.

Tromp's now-ex-boyfriend treated her like a "human punching bag," and isolated her from her friends and family. She never told anyone because "you get beaten down and you just feel stuck and trapped. And I don't think that anybody who hasn't been in this situation would know how that feels."

While she had gotten used to her boyfriend hitting her, she was shocked when he turned his violent temper to Kyro.

After that, she finally realized that "it's not OK to hit me, but it's especially not OK to hit him." She also isn't sure she would have made it out alive without that happening. "If he hadn’t been there in that situation, I don’t know what would have happened," Tromp explained. I had completely shut myself off from everyone – it was like I couldn’t really see what was going on."

And after that, she finally left for good.

That was several years ago and she's never looked back, other than to share her story in the hopes that other people stuck in abusive relationships will find the courage to leave.


Since then, Tromp and Kyro have been inseparable, as evidenced by the posts on their shared Instagram, where their username is goldilocksandthewolf.

The nickname was given to them by Tromp's mother, who thought of it because of her long blond hair and his wolf-like Agouti coloring. Their Instagram account is devoted to capturing their adventures, which inspired Tromp and helped give her "the bravery to find [her] happiness and strength once again. A peace settled in [her] soul and [she] found [their] daily adventures to be a healing process that started to repair [her] inside and out."

Today, their tough pasts are but a distant memory.

Today, Tromp says, "Kyro's happiness and my happiness have become reflections of one another. Every day is a new adventure for us. Fairytales do have a happy ending ... if you believe and don't give up. Hope is something Kyro taught me to believe in again." And that's what she hopes their story can show everyone. 

Via: Lifebuzz | goldilocksandthewolf

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