I Thought I Was Looking At A Photograph, But Then I Scrolled To The Fourth Picture And Saw This.

Over the centuries, artists have developed many forms of expression. From cave paintings to marble scultptures, hand-crafted portraits to graphic design, artists all have the common goal of sharing their perspectives on the world. Painter Ruddy Taveras shows us the world in a way that appears unremarkable – that is, until you take a closer look. 

Sometimes the meaning of art can be difficult to decipher at first glance.

Why fish? What are they doing? What is this supposed to mean?

With Ruddy Taveras’ work, the "art" is hidden – right in front of your face.

A boring picture of a marble, right? Wrong. Taveras painted the marbles.

Ruddy’s specialty is known as hyper-realistic art.

He started painting when he was just a child.


After high school, Ruddy moved to Santo Domingo to attend the National School of Fine Arts.

There, he perfected his incredible skill.

The clean lines and intricate realism are amazing.

Even though you know Ruddy painted this, it’s easy to believe it’s real.

This salt looks real enough to touch (and eat).


It takes effort to constantly remind your brain that this is not real.

Ruddy’s talent allows him to replicate any item with stunning accuracy.

Ruddy’s work is incredibly realistic and impossible to forget. His genre of specialty, hyperrealism, looks very much like a high resolution photograph, but it is created by using paint and a brush. The result is addicting to view, as each new image plays a trick on the eyes and brain. To see more of Ruddy’s work, check out Reddit, his website, or his Facebook page. And don’t forget to share this amazing artists’s work with your friends and family.

Credit: Ruddy Taveras | Reddit

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