I Thought These People Looked A Little Weird, But When I Looked A Closer I Was Blown Away.

To think that these aren’t actually real people is unbelievable, yet true. They’re actually works of art by Ron Mueck, an artist from London, who creates hyper-realistic sculptures. He was previously a pupeteer and model maker for movies and television programs (and even created Ludo, the‘Gentle Giant’ from the 1986 movie “Labyrinth”). Now, he spends his time making incredible sculptures that have museum goers captivated.

So, how does Ron create such masterpieces?

Ron’s begins each piece by meticulously sculpting clay.

His final creations are incredibly hyper-realistic.

No matter how bizarre or strange the placement or dimensions may seem, amazingly, each of his people sculptures appear to be real humans.

Some of his creations are rather touching.

However, he doesn’t limit himself to uplifting creations.

Some of his sculptures can be quite surprising or even jolting.

He typically doesn’t make statements about his work or participate in interviews.


Instead, he lets his sculptures tell their own stories.

The amount of detail put into his work is astonishing.


Ron even turned his own likeness into a massive mask.

Here is Ron at work on one of his sculptures.

He also created the ‘Gentle Giant’ Ludo for the film “Labyrinth”.

Upon seeing Ron Mueck’s sculptures in person, it would be difficult not to do a double-take. After all, they look impressively real, even if they are a bit peculiar.

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Credit: Mail Online

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