I Thought This Was A Normal House For Sale... Until I Saw What Was Inside.

It’s always a good idea to take a look inside a home before making an offer. After all, you might end up with a house that is hiding a very big suprise inside, just like this home located in Hillingdon, Middlesex. On the outside, it looks quite lovely. However, once you step inside the multi-story home, you’re in for a shock.

From outside, you’ll never guess what this house is hiding.

Inside is a whole different story.

All of this house’s rooms have a purple theme.

In every single room, decoration and pieces of furniture go along with the violet theme.


The home designer obviously didn’t think about what would happen if the house was to go up for sale.

Only one theme and one person with particular taste was obviously in mind.

The kitchen and bathroom even prominently feature the bold hue.

To each their own, so they say.


Anyone might second guess their decision before purchasing this monochromatic home.

At least they didn’t match the exterior to the interior.

With such a prominent feature, this home at least should offer plenty of bargaining room when it comes to the price. 

Credit: Daily Mail UK 

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