I Thought This Was A Top Secret Facility, But When They Opened The Doors... Awesome.

More likely than not, we aren’t going to see a zombie apocalypse happen in real life. Still, it never hurts to know that if things ever do get that bad, you can live safe and in style for a long, long time. This house is more like a fortress, in so much as it’s impenetrable and nearly indestructible. Once you lock it up, nothing short of a full army could get in (and maybe not even that).

It's also pretty perfect if you just like being left alone.

The house’s complex is on lockdown. 

It was specially made to be able to withstand damage from just about any attack.

If you’re looking for a safe place to lie low, it doesn’t get any better than this.

All windows and open areas can be shuttered and closed off whenever you want them to be.


As you can see, the house is pretty impenetrable.

And yet, the touch of a button makes for a dramatic transformation.

The stairway, which is usually inaccessible, can be lowered for trusted guests and visitors (and cats).

Though it doesn’t look like it at first, the house is actually covered in windows and is a bright, warm, and inviting space when it’s in this mode.

This house is strong and beautiful.

There’s all kinds of ways to stay busy inside during an apocalypse.


Though, with a house like this, why take chances? Just close the doors at the first sign of trouble. 

Most of the house is actually glass, with heavy-duty steel and concrete coverings on the outside.

Say goodbye to nosy neighbors and unwanted visitors forever. 

Credit: Imgur

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