I Tried To Look At These Pictures Without Cracking A Smile, But I Realized That Was Impossible

Babies and dogs are a magical combination of cuteness. When the dogs are the big, gentle giant types the juxtaposition of them with a tiny little baby is even cuter still. Even though they’re called man’s best friend, these pictures show that, really, dogs are baby’s best friend.

1. "Is dad home yet?"

Erin Vey

2. Snuggle buddies for life.

Bored Panda

3. “Fancy a game?”


4. That's one happy baby.


5. It’s winter wonderland time.


6. Aww, feel the love.


7. This is the definition of “BFF”.


8. "Can’t get enough of that new baby smell."



9. "Have you been flossing regularly?"

LOL 24

10. Everything about this is just too cute.

Red Bubble

11. "Of course we aren’t looking for cookies. That’s preposterous. Now leave the room again, please."

Bored Panda

12. Smitten at first sight.

The Blaze

13. This tough kid is being raised by wolves (not really).

Wallpapers Craft

14. Picnic pals.

Bored Panda

15. Naps are just one of the shared interests dogs and babies have.

Nicole Polk Photograph

16. Awww.

Little Bloom Studio

17. Double “Awww”.

Cathy Murai


18. Bath time, or nap time?

Cathy Murai

19. “I’ll stand guard. I got this.”

Caroline Ghetes

20. An old spirit and a new one, both in blissful peace.

Hanna Mac

21. Birthday suits.

Marisa Matluck

22. He’ll always keep an eye on you, little one.

Amanda Patrice

I wasn’t sure cuteness overload was a real thing until I got through with this list. My heart is in a big, warm, melted puddle on the floor now. 

Credit: Bored Panda

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