I Wasn't Sure If I Was Looking At A Painting. Then I Couldn't Believe There Could Be That Many.

If you see it from a distance, it's hard to tell what it is that you're looking at. And the more you zoom in, the more fascinating it becomes. Well done, nature, well done.

It's got to be a field of flowers, right?

Or maybe it's a patterned carpet?

If your third guess was penguins, you'd be correct.

Thousands and thousands of King Penguins.


The adults herd the baby penguins, the brown wave formations, into groups.

Like a super strength daycare facility for penguin chicks.

When they do this, most of the adults can go about catching fish and taking care of their regular penguin days.

Other penguins take over guard duty of the chicks.

Surrounding them also lets the chicks retain their body warmth as well as protecting them from the elements and predators.


Even penguin chicks go through awkward years.

From an aerial view, the penguins make an incredible colorful pattern.

This all takes place at the Atlantic Ocean shoreline on the island of South Georgia, a British territory close to the Falklands. It's one of the King Penguins’ main breeding colonies.

Credit: Liam Quinn

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