Iconic Board Game Looks Back At Over 80 Years Of Memories

Feb 10, 2015

Monopoly is a classic American board game, with its charm and appeal being handed down from generation to generation for over 80 years. Each player starts out with the same amount of money and, with a good balance of strategy and luck, one player triumphs with the most  money and property. Originally developed in the early 1900s as a way to explain social and economic justice, the game was first named "The Landlord's Game.”

Over the years, Monoploy has undergone an evolution of new patents and editions. By the late 1920s, the game was generally referred to as "Monopoly," and the Parker Brothers obtained a copyright on an enhanced edition of the game in 1933. Whether young or old, rich or poor, playing Monopoly is truly a great pastime.

1930 – This family sits down to enjoy a fun game of Monopoly.

January 1942 – While taking a break in the Officer’s Mess Hall, the British Army and Auxiliary Territorial Services officers play Monopoly.

1942 – While stationed in Australia, U.S. troops play a game of Monopoly.

Feb. 10, 1951 – Veronica Hurst (second from left) is a 19-year-old Sunday School teacher and has just been offered a part in the film "Laughter in Paradise." She lives in Tooting, London and is seen here enjoying a fun game of Monopoly with her mother and sisters.

1955 – Monks sit down to enjoy a fun game of Monopoly.

April 7, 1956 – Children enjoying a fun game of Monopoly. House designed by architect Cliff May in Los Angeles.


1963 – Lord Louis Mountbatten of Burma, with daughter and grandchildren playing Monopoly.

1972 – The Reprich family lives in Canada and enjoys a pleasant game of Monopoly.

Jan. 12, 1973 – Forced in by the cold, these students play a game of Monopoly to pass the time.

Dec. 11, 1974 – Surrounded by piles of Monopoly money, Parker Brothers employee Mickey Spottiswood makes sure every dollar is recorded.

Jul. 7, 1976 – Before General Mills' Parker Brothers patented Monopoly in 1935, Professor Ralph Anspach invented a game called "Anti-Monopoly," and was in a heated legal battle with General Mills claiming that the company stole the game "Monopoly" from the public. Anspach said the game was played on homemade boards like these -- one from 1914 (left) and another from 1926 (right).

Feb. 21, 1977 – Prince Henrik of Denmark enjoys a fun game of Monopoly with his children.

Sept. 7, 1977 – British Monopoly Championships held at the nuclear reactor at Oldbury-on-Severn. Competitors must wear protective clothing to participate. The winners go to Monte Carlo for the world contest.

1980 – This little girl plays with the year’s most popular toys.


1982 – Child stars Gary Coleman (as Arnold Jackson) and Todd Bridges (as Willis Jackson) play a game of Monopoly in this episode of "Diff'rent Strokes."

Oct. 29, 1983 – At the New England Aquarium in Boston, members of the Polytechnic Institute Scuba Dive Club, Kelly McNagny and Mike Jones play an underwater game of Monopoly.

1991 – CEO of R.W. Frookies, Inc. Richard Worth plays a game of Monopoly with his wife, Randye, and kids Jonas and Naomi.

1997 – WNBA star Lisa Leslie (left) is having fun at home with her mother, Christine, and half-sister Tiffany.

May 13, 2005 – This giant-sized Monopoly game is on display at the Sydney Home Show in Sydney. At 4,736 square feet, it is 1,700 larger than the standard board game and is expected to rewrite the Guinness Book of Records' category of largest interactive Monopoly board.

June 29, 2007 – While waiting to buy an iPhone, customers take a break from playing Monopoly to accept a bottle of water from an Apple employee in Newton, Mass.

Aug. 27, 2008 – Attempting to break a Guinness world record, thousands gather together to play Monopoly in an old prison yard, located in Frankfurt, Germany.

Credit: Mashable

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