If Mom Quotes Were Motivational Posters, We Would Want To Own Them All

Ah, mothers. We love them, they drive us crazy and as we get older, sometimes we hear ourselves repeating “words of wisdom” they passed down over the years. It’s always a little disconcerting to open your mouth and hear your mother come out, but in retrospect a lot of what they say made great sense – especially if you are now a parent yourself.

But what if “mom quotes” were made into motivational posters, like the ones often found in schools and hospitals? Would the advice hold up? Seeing what they would look like is a hilarious trip down memory lane.

1. There’s isn’t a mom alive who won’t identify with this. 

2. Thank heavens for co-parenting. 

3. Hint, hint. 

4. Now! The frozen foods are melting!

5. Hard to argue with that. 


6. Always an empty threat – unless we were headed to the in-laws. 

7. Those vegetables won’t chop themselves. 

8. It’s always the chicken, and it’s always frozen. 

9. Here’s to all those times you should have remained silent. 

10. My house, my mail. 

11. What she really meant is turn it off and read a book. 

12. By far the best mom quote ever. 


13. She was right. 

14. This is when you know it’s serious. 

15. Don’t try to fool mom, she has an eagle eye. 

16. But, moooom! 

17. Or, leave the room. 

18. Every. Single. Time. 

Via: The Daily Buzz

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