If You Ever Come Across An Injured Squirrel, I Hope You Do What This Man Did. It's Pretty Awesome.

The surest way to judge a man’s heart is to see how he treats the creatures smaller than he is. This warrant officer clearly has a heart of gold in that case, because when he came across a dying squirrel, he didn’t just save its life – he became its lifelong best friend.

This is guaranteed to make anyone melt.

Two soldiers brought a dying squirrel to this warrant officer, who decided to try to help the little guy out.

Three months after the rescue, he left the army and became a taxi driver. Now his little squirrel goes with him everywhere.


He even has a very cozy looking bed.

It’s hard work being such an adorable sidekick.

He made a full recovery shortly after being adopted, and now he’s a healthy little fella with a fondness for Nutella.


Even the cat loves him.


Awww, the shot of him eating Nutella – is there anything cuter? What a sweet, unlikely friendship between a little squirrel and a former soldier with a heart of gold.

Credit: ViralNova

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