If You Have Old Disney VHS Tapes Stashed Around, They Might Be Worth A Small Fortune

Chances are you probably have a lot of Disney VHS tapes sitting in a box somewhere - relics from a simpler time, when you spent almost as much time rewinding a movie as watching it. It turns out those old tapes could be worth a lot of money.

If you kept those old Disney tapes, you should dig them out of the garage and check to see if they're rare editions that might be worth a shocking amount of cash. These tapes can sell for as little as $1,000 and up to a whopping $10,000! One of the most sought-after movies is a particular edition of Beauty and the Beast, which has sold on eBay for up to $9,000.

So what's inflating the value so much? Collectors.

Collectors value tapes with defects, alternate artwork and limited editions very highly, and they're willing to pay top dollar for them.



One thing to look for on your tapes is the black diamond. There may be one on the case that reads "The Classics." This means you have a special edition, which brings the tape's worth up to around $250. If Walt Disney's signature is right next to the black diamond, you might be holding a tape worth thousands of dollars!


This copy of The Little Mermaid was purchased for $6,000, because Disney banned the artwork on the front cover. The artwork was done again from scratch because one of the palace turrets was deemed inappropriate.


The song "Human Again" was cut from Beauty and the Beast in later editions, making earlier versions collectors' items. If you have a VHS copy of the movie, pop it in a VCR and see if it has the song. If it does, it could be worth some serious money.

Wednesday Addams


What are you waiting for? Go check your tapes.

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