If You Noticed There's Something Odd About These People, You're Right

Feb 14, 2015

Take a close look at these people. You probably can't quite put your finger on it, but you know something is definitely "off.” That's because they aren't people at all, but hyper-realistic sculptures by London-based artist Ron Mueck. In case you're especially geeky, and that name sounds familiar, it's because Ron used to be a master puppeteer in movies and TV (he created Ludo the Gentle Giant for the 1986 classic “Labyrinth”).

These days though, he uses his talent to create these captivating sculptures.

Each piece is meticuluously sculpted from clay. Ron does not, however, limit himself to just uplifting works.

The final work is hyper realistic.

Some of the sculptures can be a little unsettling.

Sometimes, the pieces can be pretty cute.

Ron rarely gives interviews or statements on his work.

He prefers, instead, to have his work tell its own story.


The level of detail and realism is truly masterful.


He even took the ultimate selfie and made a massive self-portrait.

Here's Ron working on one of his pieces.

One of Ron's most beloved creations, Ludo from "Pan's Labyrinth."

Ron's works are definitely worthy of a double-take. They look so real, but at the same time there's something just so strange and interesting about them.

Credit: Mail Online

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