If You See These Hooks In A Public Bathroom, Call The Police Right Away

When I got my first digital camera, it was a big deal because most people were still using cameras with film. It was expensive, slow, and couldn't hold more than 30 images. Before I had time to even print out one of my photos, new, better digital cameras were being released. It's incredible how quickly they've advanced, going from small cinderblocks to handheld professional equipment. 

Unfortunately, with all this progress there will always be people looking to use technology for nefarious purposes. 

CBS Miami reported that spy cameras were found in women's restrooms. The cameras were mounted inside clothing hooks as to not catch any attention. But if you look closely, you'll see a small hole towards the top of the hook. This is where the criminals hid the camera. 

Florida police are still looking into the incidents which occurred at several public park bathrooms. While this may be localized to Miami for now, it's a good idea that we be aware of this possible breach of privacy. If you see one of these hooks, call the police right away.

Watch the video below for details on the investigation.

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H/T: CBS Miami

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