If You See Your Cat Doing Any Of These Things, They're Trying To Tell You Something Important

Cats are famous for being highly mysterious animals. Compared to their canine counterparts, who wear all of their emotions on their sleeves, cats tend to leave people guessing about their motives. Still, there are little things that they do to communicate with you in their own subtle ways.

Cats have their own ways to say "I love you..." and the list below will help you decode some of their messages.

1. Paw Kneading - Theories abound as to why cats do this, but many researchers believe it's a way to return the affection you're giving. They just have no idea that their claws are actually hurting you.

2. Bringing Gross "Gifts" - Yes, the dead mouse/bird is actually pretty gross, but it's the cat's way of helping you catch prey. They aren't trying to creep you out - they' just think you're a terrible hunter.

3. Head Rubs - When cats rub their head against you, they're marking you as one of their own using concentrated scent glands in their cheeks and head.


4. Intense Staredowns - Your cat glaring at you can be a little disturbing, but don't worry. First, they're evolved to blink a lot less frequently than us. Second, a steady, soft gaze means they're actually very comfortable with you.

5. Exposing Their Belly - As with most animals, cats don't like to be made vulnerable, so if they present you with their belly, it's a massive sign of trust.

6. Watch The Tail - Your cat's tail gives a great indication of its mood. The higher it is, the more content they are. Really affectionate cats will even wrap their tail around you.

7. Nipping - Cats love to nip and nibble on their favorite humans. They do the same while they groom kittens, so it's likely they think of you the same way.


8. Leg Rubs - Just like head rubs, cats run between your legs to mark you with their scent.

9. Purring - This one's obvious, purring is a clear sign of satisfaction with you and whatever you are doing.

10. Following You Around - It might get annoying, but your cat following you around like a puppy dog means they love you and want to be wherever you are.

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