If You Spot Your Cat Or Dog Doing This, Take Them To The Vet Immediately. It Might Save Their Life

When you own a pet, you get used to some strange behavior from them. They’re animals, after all. What makes sense to us is gibberish to them. What makes sense to them, scientists have spent plenty of time trying to figure out. Some are a bit more obvious and allow us to see the quirky brilliance of our furry friends, like when my dog leads me to his food container and smacks it before looking at me and howling. Some of these behaviors are just plain silly, like when they chase their own tails or panic at the sight of a cucumber.

Certain animal behaviors, however, aren’t just universal and completely understandable, they can also be a sign of something serious. It’s known as head pressing, a very literal description. The animal will walk up to a wall, and lean their head into it. This is an attempt to alleviate a pain that they just can’t reach. One inside their heads.

It’s called head pressing. 


When the animal presses its head against walls, doors or objects for no clear reason, can be your pet's way of telling you that something is very wrong.

It can signify prosencephalon disease, toxic poisoning, infections and tumors affecting the nervous system.

This dog is head pressing as a result of hepatic encephalopathy caused by liver toxicity.


Other neurological conditions show themselves this way.

Metabolic disorders, inflammation of the brain and spinal cord, brain damage can all cause it.

You can read more about head pressing and check on other symptoms to look for in your pet over at PetMD.

Credit: PetMD | Dog Heirs

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