If You Thought Bread Was Just For Eating, Think Again

Bread isn't just for eating. As it turns out, it's useful for all sorts of things you'd never expect. Here are some cool bread tricks we've learned that will make you look at your loaf in a whole new light.

No More Of The Usual Daily Grind

Smoking Meat Forums

Smoking Meat Forums

Sick of getting your hands dirty while cleaning your coffee grinder? Just toss a slice of bread in there, and crank it up. Once you've wiped away the crumbs, you'll find that the bread has absorbed all the coffee remains.

Pick Up The Pieces And "Dough" Home


Cleaning up broken glass is a huge pain, and it can be especially urgent if you have children or animals around. Next time you slip and drop a glass, reach for a piece of bread to help pick it up. The texture is perfect for grabbing hold of those pesky, microscopic fragments you can barely see.

Heal The Burn!


Smell that smoke coming from the kitchen? That's never a good sign. Dinner is ruined, right? Actually, you might still be able to save it with ... you guessed it, bread. If you ever leave rice or pasta sitting too long on the stovetop, just put a piece of bread in the pan and put a lid on top. Let it sit for a few minutes and the bread will absorb the burnt taste.


Have Your Cake And Eat It, Too

Lace and Olive

Nothing puts a damper on a good time like stale cake. It's practically the definition of disappointment. Well, worry no more. The next time you've got some leftover birthday cake, line the exposed areas with slices of bread. This will trap the moisture and keep it from drying prematurely.

Splinter In Your Rye

Lisa Brown Design

Splinters can cause some serious soreness, and they often seem impossible to get out. The worst part is that using tweezers may accidentally push the splinter further in, irritating the tender skin around it. Next time you find yourself in this predicament, put a piece of bread on top of the splinter and cover it with a Band-Aid. Let it sit overnight and the bread will absorb the splinter. This will save you a lot of pain.

No More Tears


I absolutely hate cutting raw onions. They irritate my eyes and make it look like I've been crying all day. Not only is it physically painful, it's embarrassing! That's why I love this trick. All you have to do is hold a piece of bread in your mouth and you can cut those onions without shedding any tears. Sure, it may look weird, but it beats crying.

Brown Sugar, How Come Ya Taste So Good?

Iowa State University

Brown sugar is the perfect ingredient for just about any kind of pastry, but what do you do when it starts clumping together and hardening? Just put a piece of bread in the jar and let it sit overnight. By morning, your brown sugar will have absorbed enough moisture from the bread to be much easier to bake with.


Too Hot to Handle

How to Cook Like Your Grandmother

This is such a useful trick for when you're trying to lather up a hot piece of corn with butter. Just put the butter on a piece of bread and go up and down the ear with it. Isn't that way easier than using a knife?

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