If You Use This Brand Of Lip Balm, You Need To Read This. It Could Save You A Trip To The Hospital

Everyone loves their lip balm. Most women keep it close and ready to use at a moment’s notice. Lip balm is useful to keep your mouth moisturized and avoid chapped lips, but it also has many other, lesser-known uses like preventing blisters and taming eyebrows. It usually can be bought in a store for pretty cheap, or if you’re especially adventurous, you can make it yourself

Recently, one very popular brand has found themselves in serious trouble. Evolution Of Skin lip balm, EOS for short, is facing a lawsuit brought forth by one of its customers. Rachel Cronin claims she bought EOS lip balm, and shortly after using it, began noticing blisters and rash around her mouth. Ms. Cronin specifically claims the “ Summer Fruit” flavor, pictured below in the pink case, is what caused her skin to break out. In the lawsuit, she said she noticed the ill-effects “ within hours.” She described her lips as feeling like sandpaper, which caused her to put more lip balm on, making the problem worse. Her condition got so bad that she was forced to see a doctor.

EOS is one of the top selling brands of lip balm, and has received notoriety for its celebrity endorsements. Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears and others have sung the praises of the “all natural” product. 


Since the suit has been brought forth, many other women have come forward and shared pictures of rashes caused by EOS lip balm. The company’s Facebook page has been bombarded with photos of skin conditions and complaints. The lawsuit asks for “damages, claiming the company deceived consumers and misrepresented the product as natural and organic. ”

Though EOS claims to be all-natural, many experts claim that it can still be dangerous. "Just because something is natural doesn't mean it is safe. Anthrax is natural but not safe," said Dr. Adam Friedman, professor at George Washington University. Dermatologists caution that natural products can still cause allergic reactions.

The reactions vary in severity, but many women have still noticed negative effects of the lip balm. 


Monica of the “Monica Loves Makeup” blog has also experienced the problems. She noticed blisters developing around her lips and quickly stopped using the lip balm. According to her, it took over two weeks to heal completely.

In response to all of the negative publicity, EOS has said that the problems are unfounded. Whether it’s true or not, there is serious cause for concern.

Via: Diply

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