If Your Quarters Have This One Small Detail, They Could Be Worth Several Thousand Dollars

If you've got a stash of coins weighing down your pocket or filling up your change jar at home, you may want to go dust them off and start taking a closer look. We've covered rare coins in the past here at, and this time around the focus is on quarters.

While pennies and dimes aren't spent as often and tend to accumulate, quarters are traded frequently. 

As a result, most people never bother checking the date on the coin. Still, you may want to get into the habit of taking a few extra seconds to check the date, especially if you end up having the 1970-S Proof Washington quarter. The key is the word "PROOF," which is what makes this coin so rare and valuable. Recently, one such quarter sold for nearly $35,000 at auction.

If that didn't make the coin rare enough, it also has the distinction of being cast on top of a 1941 Canadian quarter. In order to check your own quarters for one of these rare and valuable misprints, start by looking for an "S" on the heads side, which denotes the San Francisco Mint.

Next, you'll want to flip the coin over to the tail side and look carefully for the fine detail revealing "1941" etched on top of the word "Dollar." Authentic 1970-S Proof Washington quarters will have the year imprinted printed upside down. Be sure to check carefully.

Proof coins are generally minted in limited editions and are not typically put into circulation, which is part of their value for collectors. When regular coins are minted, they are only struck once, as opposed to proof coins which are struck twice. This gives them an additional luster that standard pocket change doesn't have.

The 1970-S quarter was minted in San Francisco but was apparently supposed to be struck on blanks. Although never released into circulation, a group of these coins was auctioned off by the state of California. There are also other mysteries surrounding the coin, such as why Canadian coins ended up being used by the San Francisco mint in the first place.

If you happen to come across one of these extremely rare and valuable coins, be sure to have it appraised before putting it up for sale. Depending on the condition, you may be able to get yourself a few thousand dollars. For budding collectors out there, there are also plenty of other valuable coins floating around out there worth looking into.

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