If You're Blood Type "O," Be Careful Of This - It Could Save Your Life

People with blood type O are pretty unique since they're universal donors - their blood type is compatible with everyone. Unfortunately, they can only receive blood from people with this same, rare blood type. 

These individuals are, unfortunately, more prone to infections, but they also have some other remarkable traits. People with blood type O often tend to be born leaders, with a lot of focus and drive. They are usually quite capable and successful. People with this blood type are also prone to ailments such as ulcers, thyroid issues, hypothyroidism and iodine deficiency. They may also experience water retention and obesity as a result.

In Japan, blood type is actually listed during job interviews, and candidates with blood type O are considered to be more capable, devoted, hard-working, careful and successful. Students with this blood type are also generally better at school and it's believed that, in ancient times, the most successful hunters were also blood type O.

Hyperactive and imprudent

Anxiety can make these individuals quite restless and an unhealthy diet and poor lifestyle can make them susceptible to metabolic issues like insulin resistance and poor thyroid function. They also have stomach acid issues and are more prone to ulcers.

People with blood type O should avoid excessive caffeine or alcohol - particularly caffeine, as it increases adrenaline, which these individuals already have high levels of.

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H/T: Good Morning Center

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