IKEA Dresser Is Transformed Into The Perfect Dog Bed

For those of us who are not the handiest with tools, ready-made furniture is pretty much the only way to go. True, you can't really customize such products all that much, but it also means that you won't have to worry about getting your hands dirty or racking your brain for creative ideas.

And then there are those talented and highly skilled individuals who can turn a few pieces of wood into furniture that is fully functional and utterly stunning. Take Emily from Our House Now a Home, for example. She was asked to partake in the IKEA hack challenge, and was provided with one of their Rast dressers. For some of us, even assembling the unit would be more than we could handle. For Emily, however, this was a "wonderful blank slate" for her to showcase her creativity and skills.

How does a simple, unfinished-wood dresser turn into this gorgeous dresser with a pull-out dog bed?

Emily started assembling the Rast dresser before she had a fully-developed plan in mind. What she did know from the start, however, was that the existing bottom drawer was going to be removed permanently. Also, because that part of the dresser will be holding the dog bed, the entire dresser would need to be raised a bit to comfortably fit Emily's dog, Teddy.

Next, she cut three boards in the same width as the dresser, which will be affixed to the sides and the back of the unit.

Because the bottom drawer was not going to be needed for her final product, she disassembled it and used the various pieces to form the dog bed frame. She used brackets to secure the newly formed bed frame to the dresser base.

"Needing to make this have a few visually pleasing aspects to it was on my plan of attack," she wrote in her blog. "I mean, I have seen these IKEA hacks before. The amount of pretty and stunning is crazy. I wanted to make something subtle but fun to the drawer fronts." With that in mind, she took some scrap pieces of wood that she had lying around and cut them each about four inches long.

Using some wood glue, she began gluing the pieces onto the drawer front in a herringbone pattern.


When she got to the edges of the drawer, she cut the wood pieces so that they would fit within the diameters of the drawer.

While she let the wood glue set overnight, she began working on adding details to the dresser. She purchased some primed wood trim and encased the bottom of her unit with it. As you can see here, the original third drawer was used as an extension of the bottom of the dresser.

Emily wanted her final product to be an elegant white. She chose Pittsburgh's Trim, Door, and Furniture paint in bright white. "The amazing thing about this paint is that it dries streak-free," she wrote. "It has the appearance of a sprayer, but done with a paintbrush." She applied two coats of the paint and allowed it to dry overnight.

She had also purchased a piece of wood to add to the top of the dresser. There will be a gap between the new top and the rest of the dresser, so Emily also bought a wood trim to fill in that space.

To accent her pristine, white dresser, she decided to paint her trim piece in a charcoal gray.

She also wanted to dress up the sides of the dresser just a bit, so she painted some vertical lines on the sides in the same charcoal gray.


After the paint was dried, she used wood glue to adhere the trim and the top board to the dresser. There is actually an intricate pattern in it, which is a bit hard to see from afar due to the dark paint color.

All that was left to do was to add handles to the two drawers ...

... and a nice, comfy pillow to the dog bed for Teddy! "Can we say spoiled?" Emily commented. "I am now one of those people that has furniture just for their dog. All I need is my tiny purse for my tiny sidekick to go everywhere with me."

Since the bottom part of the dresser was dedicated to Teddy and his bed, it only made sense to make the entire dresser a doggie station. The top drawer is now filled with treats, leashes, and adorable doggie sweaters.

Just look at Teddy in his new bed. He looks so comfortable and perfectly happy in there. For more information on this stunning dresser makeover, be sure to check out Emily's post here.

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H/T: NX2 | Our House Now A Home

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