Immigrants' First Picture In America

Dec 2, 2015

From 1892 to 1954, Ellis Island saw over four million immigrants pass through to begin a new life in a new continent. Every single one of them brought not only a suitcase of possessions, but a heart filled with hope and a dream of a better life. Along with registering with the goverment and adopting American names and lifestyles, many immigrants were recquired to take photographs to document their arrival. Luckily, some of these photographs have survived.

The following photographs were taken by Augustus Sherman, a registry clerk who worked for over 25 years at Ellis Island. These photographs show what is likely each of these immigrants first or second day in America and showcase just how diverse these people were. 

Norwegian Woman

Slovakian Women

Danish Man

Albanian Soldier

Italian Woman

Algerian Man

Romanian Piper

Italian Woman


Russian Cossacks

Women From Guadeloupe

Russian Man

More Pipers

German Stowaway

Romanian Woman

Children From Lapland

Ukranian Woman

Finnish Children

Kids From The Netherlands


German Man

Woman From The West Indies

Dutch Women

Boy From India

Slovakian Mother And Child

Shepherd From Romania

Soldier From Greece

Finnish Woman

Via: New York Public Library

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