In A City With No Space, They Took A Narrow Piece Of Land And Built What Some Thought Was Impossible

For most home builders, a thin 400-square-foot lot wouldn’t be enough space to build a garage, let alone an entire house. However, in many Japanese cities and suburbs, space for a new business or home can be extremely expensive and incredibly hard to come by. Japanese architectural firm Fujiwarramuro Architects created this extremely narrow, but beautiful home on a slim piece of land in downtown Kobe. While many of the rooms are quite small, everything in the home is designed to be as functional and open as possible to help create an illusion of space.

The building is three stories high and squeezed tightly between two adjacent structures. Despite its incredibly narrow profile, there is a garage large enough to fit a car.

A side cut view of the entire building shows the layout and location of every room. The entryway is specially designed to be an extension of the bathroom.

Behind the glass doors are the bathtub and shower, hidden away near the entrance.


The second floor is divided into living, dining, and kitchen sections, and features a skylight to maximize the amount of natural sunlight in the area.

This unique opening in the floor goes a long way in creating an illusion of extra space. 

The roof itself has a small deck built on top of it, perfect for those days you just want to relax outside.

Its height and building materials make it stand out among the rest of the buildings in the neighborhood.


A kid’s room is directly across the hall from the master bedroom.

The master bedroom itself is where the roof and loft areas can be accessed by two small sets of ladders. 

Credit: Tiny House for Us | Fujiwarramuro Architects 

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