In Just Minutes This Artist Creates A Spectacular Portrait In Brick And Plaster

Mar 27, 2016

Speed painting has been a popular way to combine the skills of fine art with the performance and flair of a rock and roll show for some time now. Viktor, a French artist working in Nice, has made quite a career out of the art form, and specializes in creating portraits for parties and events.

His most well-known twist on the style is glitter and glue painting. Using carefully planned lighting and a black canvas, Viktor rapidly creates a portrait in nearly invisible glue. Then he stuns his audience by flinging glitter at the work, suddenly revealing a shimmering, perfectly rendered portrait of someone in the audience.

Well, knowing that a twist like that will only wow for so long, Viktor has created what, as far as we’re aware, seems to be an entirely new “speed” art form: speed carving. Beginning with a brick wall covered in plaster, Viktor rapidly begins to chisel away to the tune of “Another One Bites The Dust” (get it, dust? Eh? Eh?) by Queen.

When he’s finished? Well, wait and see.


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