In These Photos Man And Nature Collide And Create The Most Beautiful Living Buildings I've Ever Seen

Since the dawn of time, the relationship between humans and nature has been dynamic, sometimes peaceful and other times adversarial. As humans increased their abilities through the use of tools and technology, they've sought to conquer nature. However, with the negative effects of doing so are becoming more and more apparent, many people have tried to find ones to make the natural and the man-made coexist. With this spirit of cooperation come these fantastic structures, built to preserve nature rather than destroy it.

Fuji Kindergarten (Fuji Yochien), a Montessori school in the Tokyo suburb of Tachikawa

The entire campus, designed by Tezuka Architects, was designed to include three Zelkova trees, each approximately 80 feet tall. This specific building is a dual-purpose annex where children are instructed in the English language or wait for the bus, depending on the time of day.

Saruhanbey Science, Culture and Education Foundation building in Turkey

This Turkish pine (Pinus brutia), which snakes its way alongside the building's four stories, is estimated to be 325 years old and measures approximately 50 feet tall and ten feet around.


The Tea House, located in Shanghai, China

Built behind the main office of Archi-Union's office, the unique structure is made primarily from materials salvaged from the collapsed building that once stood in its place. The architectural design company envisioned a space that embodied harmony, by integrating nature and structure.

Private home in Itanhangá, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

When Rodgrigo Quadrado envisioned his dream house, he knew he wanted something unique. Architect Alessandro Sartore certainly complied, with his minimalist design that still feels warm, thanks in part to the large tree that still grows in the living room. The owner is so fond of the leafy housemate that he's even given her a name - Bethany.

Niavaran Residential Complex, a 30-apartment building in the Shemiran area of Tehran, Iran

Located in a part of Tehran that used to be a popular summer resort area, Niavaran Residential Complex took advantage of the old trees already on the property. Architect Mohammad Reza Nikbakht  designed the six-story building in a way that combined conservation and modern luxury.


KOOK Osteria & Pizzeria, outside the Roman suburb of Olgiata

The duo at Italian firm Noses Architects were behind this interesting design. Mohamed Keilani and Luca Gasparini aimed to create a space that complemented the simplicity of the food being served, but retained quintessential Italian character. The olive tree in the tiny atrium is symbolic, meaning wisdom and longevity.

"Tree in a House," nestled in the forests of Almaty, Kazakhstan

This bespoke design was conceptualized by architect Aibek Almasov for a local businessman. Surrounded by fir trees, the four-story home encircles a 40-foot tree and took five months and approximately $375,000 to construct.

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