Incredible Footage Of Elvis Presley

Some artists come and go, but Elvis is forever. Nearly 40 years after his passing, his fans remain just as avid as they ever were about listening to and sharing his music.

Elvis Presley wasn’t just a song and dance man. He made several movies, including the hit Girls! Girls! Girls! In the film, Elvis plays a poor fisherman who gets on stage in a maritime-themed nightclub and sings “Return to Sender.” He wrote the song in 1962, the same year the tune was featured in Girls! Girls! Girls!

A 1961 pre-release review of the movie by Variety said, “Girls! Girls! Girls! is just that – with Elvis Presley there as the main attraction. Hal Wallis’ production puts the entertainer back into the non-dramatic, purely escapist light musical vein."

The song would go on to have a lasting impact in some pretty interesting ways. When the U.S. Postal Service debuted the Elvis Presley stamp in 1993, many fans intentionally mailed letters to false addresses. They hoped to receive their letter back with the classic “Return to Sender” stamp on the envelope. Sadly, the U.S. Postal Service had already changed the stamp to “Undeliverable as Addressed” several years ago. They did, however, bring back the old stamp for a limited time to appease the die-hard Presley fans! 

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H/T: RPCchannel

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