Incredible Owl Photography

What do you think of when you imagine an owl? Do you picture a white bird perched on a branch in a snowy field? Or maybe you think of a cartoon version with glasses and a chalkboard. If you watch this video, you might think of the animals as spunky dancers. The point is, owls are mysterious creatures and they are viewed in many different ways. But what are they really like? 

Photographer Sasi Smith wanted to answer this question through his work. Sasi lives in Thailand and wanted to show how owls live in the wild. His task was daunting - owls are notorious for being incredibly difficult to photograph because they are nocturnal and have a talent for blending into the background. Nevertheless, Sasi was determined to capture these beautiful animals on camera. 

So, Sasi traveled the globe to find owls in their natural state, and share them with the world. The end result is simply stunning. Keep scrolling to see his jaw-dropping photos. 

His goal was to capture not only their appearance, but also their personality.

His photographs show just how diverse owls are.


They come in every size, shape, and color.

They can be large and blue ...

... or small and yellow.

His photographs show that owls are powerful hunters.


Or they can be nurturing mothers.

Above all, Sasi showed just how gorgeous these animals are.

So, next time you think of an owl, you can remember these photographs and thank the work of Sasi Smith.

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H/T: Sasi Smith

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