Incredible Skills That You Can Learn In Just One Hour (Or Less)

We know, you're busy. In today's world there barely seems to be enough time in the day to get the essential things done and yet, somehow, there's always another demand on your time.

That means self-improvement often gets left completely out of the equation. Who wants to start learning a new skill that it will take them years to master?

With that in mind, Redditors offered up their solution to this problem: a bunch of useful skills that can be learned within a single hour. They are all useful skills, too (even if just to impress other people at parties).

Come and check them out, you'll be glad you did, and we can actually honestly say you'll learn something!

1. Learn To Draw A Horse


You can get pretty amazing at drawing one basic shape by practicing it over and over and over for an hour or so. It won't make you into Van Gogh, but it's a good start.

2. Learn Your Phonetic Alphabet

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The phonetic alphabet is best learned when sung over the tune of the original ABC song. The alphabet is, "Alfa, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel, India, Juliett, Kilo, Lima, Mike, November, Oscar, Papa, Quebec, Romeo, Sierra, Tango, Uniform, Victor, Whiskey, X-ray, Yankee, Zulu."

3. Learn To Walk On Stilts


This looks terrifying, but it actually takes about 15 minutes to learn to balance on stilts and then it's really easy to do, according to a professional stilt walker.


4. Learn To Pick Locks


It's actually fairly easy to learn to pick a cheap lock. Suitcase padlocks, interior locks in houses, that kind of thing. You won't be breaking into banks, but you might impress others with your party trick.

5. Your First Magic Trick

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Magic tricks are often simple to execute and just require a little confidence to get right every time. An hour is more than enough time to practice one trick to expert level.

6. Learn CPR


There may be no better use of a single hour of your time than learning CPR. You might save someone's life one day and it's very easy.

7. Learn To Recite The Alphabet Backwards


You just need a simple poem to get this memorized in under an hour:

Said Y, "Eggs double you fee"

You tea is our QP

Oh, 'en 'em 'ell, KJ

I hate G if he deceive BA

8. Learn To Catch M&M's Or Peanuts In Your Mouth

Do Small Things With Love

The trick of throwing food up and then catching it in your mouth takes about an hour to learn, though it is a very messy hour.

9. Learn To Juggle


Juggling can get really complex with 7 or more items in the air, but learning to juggle 3 balls takes less than 60 minutes for most people. 


10. Learn How To Make An Origami Animal


This is a really useful skill designed to impress at children's parties and on dates, too. Pick an origami animal and learn to fold it and practice for an hour. You're now an elephant sensei.

11. Learn To Use A Sewing Machine


Using a sewing machine is not as easy as it looks, but someone skilled in sewing can teach you to use one well enough in about 15 minutes.

12. Learn To Tie A Tie


Gentlemen and certain ladies will need this skill throughout their lives. Tying a tie can be done in thousands of different ways, but pick just one and you can master it easily in an hour.

13. Learn To Meditate


The trick here is that meditation doesn't need to last for hours - 10 minutes is often enough. That means an hour buys you 6 practice sessions.

14. Learn To Google


We're not talking about entering a phrase and hitting Enter, here. We mean getting to grips with Google's advanced search features that hugely increase your chances of getting accurate (and truthful) answers to your search queries.

15. Learn A Dance


Learning the steps to a single simple dance like Waltz Box Step can be done in an hour easily. You'll be amazed at how much confidence this gives you on the dance floor, too.

Which one are you going to learn first? We've booked a waltzing lesson already. 

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