Incredibly Repurposed Pink Trailer

Some people just have a knack for fixing things up. They're the type of people who can go to a garage sale and spot an old piece of furniture that everyone else has walked past and turn it into something awesome. It takes a lot of imagination, ambition, and, as one businessman turned politician loves to say, it's all about making good deals. It takes courage to buy something that is labeled as worthless and turn it into a valuable possession. 

Courage is no problem for the woman featured in this story who recently acquired an old, rusted trailer that many considered worthless; she, however, did not. With some hard work and brilliant ideas, this trailer transformed into a beautiful living space that has captured the hearts of many adventurers on the Internet who wish to travel the country with it.  

Scroll down to see exactly how this left-for-dead trailer was given a second life. 


This is a 1969 Rolls Royal Silver Ghost. After years of neglect, it was given a makeover so cute and so pink, even Barbie would be jealous.

But if you think the outside is "pretty in pink," just wait until you walk through the door.

There's only 144-square feet of space, but every inch is used to perfection. The bright pink interior is softened with black highlights to create a friendly and loving vibe.


My favorite part has to be this cozy, little breakfast nook. How could you ever want to leave?

The kitchen area is small, but is fully stocked with all the appliances you would need to cook a meal worthy of the trailer you're eating it in.

After the renovations were finished, the trailer was put back up for sale, this time on eBay. The response was immediate and people from all over the world bid to make this unique space their own. In the end, the trailer was sold for $20,100 after 81 bids. Now that's a good deal if I've ever seen one. 

H/T: AWM | Vintage Camper Trailers

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