Ingenious Ways To Use Storage Cubes

Organization is key to a clean, comfortable home. Whether you live in a small, cozy apartment or a big, lofty house, clutter can make any good home feel much smaller and stuffier than they actually are. There are many storage items out there that can make your life easier at home, such as storage cubes.

Storage cubes may seem pretty plain and drab, but their simplistic design is what makes them so versatile and useful in many different ways. Not only can you store things inside the cubes, but you can use the top surface for displaying decor and other items as well. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:


Land of Nod

Pre-made dollhouses can cost quite a bit of money, and building your own can take a lot of time and skills that, quite frankly, not everyone possesses. Create a dollhouse for your child that is truly and uniquely theirs by using a bookshelf like the one above. This way, each room can be customized and decorated exactly the way that your child wants, and it's much cheaper and sturdier than their store-bought counterparts.

Craft Station

Family Handyman

What craft station would be complete without storage cubes to store all your tools and supplies? You can easily build your own rolling counter and include some drawers and storage cubes to make all your crafting needs available in one convenient place.


One Good Thing

If your bedtime routine involves more items than a tiny night table can hold, then this storage-cube nightstand is perfect for you. Say goodbye to cluttered drawers and say hello to organized bedside items that you can show off.

Playroom Storage


Children's toys come in all shapes and sizes. Many toys contain smaller pieces that can get lost or strewn across the house, leaving a landmine of hard objects that can be quite painful to step on. Keep your children's toys organized by teaching them to put everything neatly away into storage cubes. They'll be happy that they won't have to dig through a big bin to find a specific toy.

Entertainment Center

One Good Thing

Storage cubes are great for your entertainment. Place your television or gaming console on the top, and store your DVDs and games in the shelves below. The perfect all-in-one!


Baby Station

Young House Love

Babies need a lot of supplies when it comes to diaper changing or bath time. Keep towels, wipes, diapers, baby powder, and all the essentials in storage cubes so they are right at your fingertips at a moment's notice.

Bedroom Storage


Keep your bedroom neat and organized by incorporating a storage baseboard and shelves around your bed. It's a great way to display your prized possessions, like trophies and framed photos.

Cat Tower


Stacking storage cubes vertically will produce a fantastic cat tower for your beloved pet. Cats love enclosed spaces and climbing things, so this will be their haven. Put a thin pillow into each cube so they can hang out in the small spaces comfortably.

Closet Shelf

Love, Charmaine

To make the most out of the small space in your closet, use a shelf to keep your most-worn garments front and center for easy access. It also makes space for you to put your jewelry and other trinkets on top of the shelf, so everything is neatly kept in one place.

Office Organization


Make your own desk with some 2x2 storage-cube shelves and a wooden panel for the desktop. This will give you plenty of space to put your office stuff, like books and folders, right where you need them. You can also make use of more storage cubes as shelves around the office, keeping everything neatly organized.

Mudroom Shelf


The mudroom needs as much organizing as the rest of your house. Keep shoes and flip-flops stored on top of the shelves or inside the cubes, and make sure that umbrellas and raincoats are kept there so you won't forget them on your way out.


Outdoor Storage

Bidouilles Ikea

Your backyard or patio can benefit from these versatile storage cubes as well. With some decorating, such as a wooden panel top or some paint to match your patio furniture, your outdoor shelf will fit right in.

Bathroom Shelf

My Life As Hayden

Keep towels, hair dryers, and everything in between neatly organized right in the bathroom with storage cubes. Never run out of toilet paper or forget your clean towel again.

Side Table

Jenna Burger

Make your own side table for the living room so that you have a place to rest your book or beverage while relaxing on the couch. With storage cubes, there will be plenty of room for all the things you love to do while watching television or just hanging out in the living room.

Laundry Room Station


Keep your laundry room tidy by having all the detergents, iron, and everything else neatly tucked away in storage cubes. You'll have everything on hand, and you'll save on space in there. Win-win!

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