Innovative Makeup Artist Uses Her Eyelids As A Canvas For Her Paintings

Tal Peleg is spending a lot of time in the bathroom in front of the makeup mirror. But she's not just taking her sweet time in getting ready. The Israeli artist uses makeup applied to her own eyelids as the canvas for her incredibly detailed eyeshadow art.

Peleg has gotten the attention from several news sites and the Mattel classic toy, Barbie. It's easy to see why.

Carmen Miranda tutti-frutti.

Peleg sometimes uses her creations to spread awareness, like in this animal shelter awareness art.


But it's her arts and culture references that really make her shine, like this "Gone with the Wind" piece.

Her gallery boasts an impressive representation of fairytales.

As well as modern heroes, like Barbie.

"The Sound of Music."

"March of the Penguins."



Sometimes Peleg's eyeshadow designs take over. (But doesn't this look superb with her lavender hair?)

You could say Peleg is a bit of a cat person.

She is particularly inspired by this Dr. Seuss quote: “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

Via: Tal Peleg

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