Inspiring Notes Left In "Harry Potter" Books Encourage Other To "Potter It Forward"

It’s been eight years since the “Harry Potter” series came to a close, but the unique fandom it inspired is far from over. J.K. Rowling still stays in touch with fans on Twitter, Quidditch has become a very real sport and, best of all, a whole new generation of readers are now discovering the books for themselves.

What better way to pass the torch than to leave personal notes in secondhand copies of the books?

The trend originated on MuggleNet and goes by the name “Potter It Forward.” 



Some fans mark their favorite passage, or explain what the book meant to them on a personal level. 


One reason for the book’s longevity is Harry’s difficult childhood. We might not be wizards, but many who have gone through hard times are inspired by the young boy’s strength despite adversity. 


In fact, Harry and his friends exemplify many admirable traits throughout the series, including bravery, determination and loyalty. 

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And let’s not forget, a little magic goes a long way. 


Whether the series inspired you to choose a career based around books …


Or simply took you away to another world, your experience is worth sharing. Don’t forget to “Potter It Forward” yourself!  


Via: Metro U.K.

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