Instead Of Freezing Water, Here Are 16 Better Ways To Use An Ice Tray

For the longest time, the only thing people had been putting into ice trays was water. But, we can actually freeze other things. Ice cubes water down your drinks and makes them taste bland within an hour or two. Here are some great ideas for freezing alternatives.

1. Leftover coffee for your iced coffee.

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2. If your yogurt is approaching its expiration date, freeze it to make it last longer.

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3. Freezing liquids in layers creates a beautiful effect.

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4. Peach puree cubes will go great with any fruity drink.

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5. You don't need an ice cube for this, but frozen watermelon cubes make great ice cubes.

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6. freeze edible, aromatic flowers with lemonade.


7. Strawberries covered with chocolate and then frozen. Yum.

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8. Freeze pomegranate or grapefruit juice to add a little zing to your fruit drinks.

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9. Put some sushi rice into your ice trays and create some wonderfully exotic treats.


10. Juiced fruits frozen in ice trays are healthy and delicious.

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11. Chocolate ice cubes served with milk? Perfection.

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12. Or just fill them up with ice cream for when you want to make a milkshake.


13. Lime cubes are a great way to add lime flavor to your drinks.

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14. Or control your cookie dough portions.


15. Freezing aloe ice cubes will make great soothing relief for your sun burns.

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16. Or, edible glitter will turn any drink into a glamorous one.

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