Instead Of Spending Her Money On The School Prom, She Uses It To Make The World A Better Place

Ashley Yong is a 17-year-old high school senior from Chicago and, like most high schoolers, had been planning for her senior prom for months. She browsed online sites, planning her look and hairstyle for the big event. Her family wasn't able to cover the financial burden of the event, so Ashley would have to come up with the money on her own.

She saved up $145 for the tickets, along with money for a dress, shoes and makeup. But when it came time to actually spend the money, blowing it all on one night for the prom started to feel a little bit hollow. So, she ditched prom.

Instead, she took her jar of money to Costco and Walmart where she spent it all on everyday necessities like food, socks, bandages and toothbrushes.

Then, Ashley packaged them up into 20 cardboard boxes.

Ashley then gave these care packages out to Chicago's homeless men and women. What an amazing young person to forgo her own prom to help her community. Ashley says she has no regrets about missing her prom and plans to do this project again.

Credit: A Plus

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