Instead Of Spending Over $100 On A New Cooler, She Did This To Upgrade Her Old One

Summer is coming. If you're eyeballing your porch and daydreaming of BBQs, you're probably thinking of icy cold beverages while you soak up the summer sun.

That Coleman cooler or styrofoam container may be functional, but it's not doing anything for your decor. But at her design blog,, Brooke Norsworthy shows you how to take a drab cooler and turn it into something truly special.

This old cooler works just fine, but it's seen better days.

The frame was super simple to build.

The legs are 30 inches tall so the cooler was flush with the countertop.


The frame should fit the cooler snugly. Visit Brooke's blog for more detailed information on measurements.

The cooler fits snugly into the frame, supported by the bottom beams.

Once the frame is the perfect size, the rustic siding goes on with nails.

A hole for the spigot is very important.

A layer of trim holds the cooler inside securely.


Measuring around the frame, a custom-sized lid comes next.

With hinges to keep it aligned correctly, just like the old one.

A vintage iron bottle opener adds a classy, but still practical touch.

It looks almost like a record player, doesn't it?

Total price for this? $30. 

Credit: Killer B. Designs

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