Instead Of Throwing Out Her Old Tin Cans, She Soaks Them In Water To Make This

Independence Day is right around the corner. Get your grills, summer dresses and sunscreen ready; the 4th of July is all about having fun in the sun. If the whole family is going to be in the backyard anyway, why not add a little festive spirit with some outdoor ornaments? Blogger Kate, at Uniquely Undone, has the perfect patriotic solution.

Better yet, these adorable Independence Day decorations are also eco-friendly, easy and incredibly inexpensive. They also make great gifts and can be used all summer long. The founding fathers would approve.

You'll gather your main supplies from an unlikely place – your own recycling bin. Kate used old dog food cans, but any well-scrubbed tin cans will work.

After peeling off the labels and giving them a thorough scrubbing, the cans are set out to dry overnight.

Grab the power drill, some protective eyewear and head outside to drill some holes through the cans. It's best to wear garden gloves to protect your fingers, just in case the cans starts slipping.


While this is a great project for the kids, we recommend a grown-up handling this step. A quick brush with some coarse sandpaper should clean up any jagged edges.

Spray paint or latex paint applied with a brush or sponge both work for covering the cans with the red, white and blue colors.

Now, for the fun part: stars, stripes, polka dots and all the American style you can think of. 

As an extra step, Kate added some rusty wire handles to complete the antique look. 

Your imagination is the limit: twine, chalkboard paint, buttons and glass beads can all be used to customize your look.


They look absolutely adorable during the day, but, when the sun goes down...

Tea candles give the lanterns a soft, sweet glow.

They're perfect for a little ambiance as your family relaxes in the yard to watch the fireworks. 

Do you have any Independence Day traditions? Let us know.

Credit: Uniquely Undone

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