Interesting Things That Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind

The internet age has brought us the ability to see clearly into any subject or discipline that we want to. If you wanted to become a nuclear physicist, you don't need to go to university, you need a good calculator and Google.

This is true for nearly every walk of life. So it takes something pretty special to make us all sit up and go "Oh wow! I didn't know that and oh wow! Now my brain is melting from the wonder of it all!"

That's what we have for you today. Twelve things that are by their very nature interesting and yet, are also capable of blowing your mind into next week. Thanks, Internet, we knew that we could rely on you. 

1. Mocking The Mascot


This made us laugh then it had us nodding in agreement. Is there a worse middle name than "entertainment?" If so, we don't know what it is.

2. The Free Flow Of DiCaprio


We'd never given this much thought, but it does come across as a strangely plausible theory. Though nothing explains how badly he ruined The Man In The Iron Mask.

3. This Is Deep And Broad And Round All At The Same Time


It might sound like the product of an idle mind, but give this a little extra thought and it's completely true. This actually blew our minds.

4. No! Say It Ain't So! Not Winnie


You'd think the big clue was the name "Winnie" which is short for Winnifred and thus a woman's name. However, as nobody has actually been christened Winnifred in about 100 years, it's fair enough not to know.

5. Are You The Brightest Bulb In The Apple World?


Yes, it's true that you can actually control the amount of light your smartphone (aka warder of the darkness) can put out in any situation.

6. We're Going Down To South Park To Clean Some Windows


We've got no time to meet some friends of mine, we've got to clean this window up before it starts screaming "Respect my authoritah!"

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