Interesting Ways To Use Bedsheets

As winter comes to a close and the temperature starts to rise, families everywhere are gearing up for the start of spring. And as any good family could tell you, spring means spring cleaning. It’s the time of year when every nook and cranny is carefully inspected and made spotless. Some even use it as a time to completely redecorate their house and add or subtract furniture. 

One of the hardest areas to clean up is the bedroom because it’s the one place in the house where we spend the most amount of time. We showed you how to clean your mattress, but what do you do with that old, worn out bed sheet? I mean, you can only wash something so many times before it becomes completely unusable, right? 

The good news is that, even if your sheets aren’t fresh enough to sleep on, there are still plenty of ways to use them. Everything from your garden to your wardrobe could be upgraded with some simple upcycling projects utilizing old bed sheets. Scroll down to see a list of our favorite ways to make the most out of your old bed sheet. 

Backyard Camping Tent

The Chic

You can give your little ones a real outdoors feel using an old bed sheet as a makeshift camping tent. You might not want to bring this on a real camping expedition, it won’t do great against bears or blizzards, but it’s perfect for the backyard. 

A Storage For Stuffed Animals


Keep your child’s stuffed animals all in one neat and clean location. No more searching the house for toys thrown on the floor. 

Protect Your Plants From Frost

Whole Lifestyle Nutrition

Nothing will ruin your garden like a sudden burst of cold weather. Protect against frost by placing a bed sheet over the plants you want to protect. 


Bathroom Rugs

Craft Passion

Weave old bed sheets together to make a sparkly new rug that looks great on a tile floor. 

Pajama Pants

Household How To

It might look like something from a 90’s music video, but with a few simple cuts, you can turn your bed sheets into the perfect pajama pants. 

A Snuggly Hammock

Practical Primitive

Take your bed sheets outdoors and spend a cozy afternoon hanging between trees. 

Protect Your Baby From Bugs

Little Baby Watson

Keep nasty flies and mosquitos away from your baby by simply placing a bed sheet over its playpen while outside. 


Bedroom Curtains

Homemade Ginger

You don’t even need to move your bed sheets out of your bedroom, just repurpose them into new curtains. 

Beach Play Area

Team Johnson

Keep your little ones from crawling away on the beach with the simple use of an upcycled bed sheet.

Dog Toy


You think your dog loves you now? Just wait until you give him a new chew toy made entirely out of your old bed sheets. 

Via: Faith Tap

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