Intricate Paper Sculptures Made From Old Books

Books are a treasure; a way to access the past, present and future and inhabit entire other worlds and lives without ever leaving the comfort of your favorite chair. Before the digital age, all human knowledge was transmitted entirely through textbooks and manuscripts. 

But what happens to books when they get old and worn out?


Simple. They become art! There are many artists who see old books and instead of trash, they see the possibilities of magnificent, intricately carved paper sculptures.

Motley News

This gives a new meaning to "pop-up book."

Hannah Arendt Center

This work is titled "The Book of Life."


Some of these sculptures have excruciatingly precise details.

Brian Dettmer

This old Bible has been converted into a lifelike cavern.

Guy Laramee

"Charon and the Door to a World of Dreams"

Malena Valcarcel


A book of vintage constellation maps is converted into the kind of mountain that'd be perfect for stargazing.

Guy Laramee

Mountains are actually pretty popular with book sculptors.

My Modern Met

This video provides more details about the piece above:

Guy Laramee

A lively book garden.


Here's one for science lovers.

Brian Dettmer

This sculpture uses lighting effects to create a quaint atmosphere.

Malena Valcarcel


Another example of how light can really set the mood.


"This Little Match Girl"


"Alice In Wonderland" in a whole new light way.

Linda Koeller

That is too cool.

My Art Magazine

How neat would this be for a home library?

Jacqueline Rushlee

A sculpture by artist Pablo Lehmann.

Pablo Lehmann

Curious about trying your hand at book sculpting? Here's a tutorial to get you started.


With a little practice, you may be on your way to making your own masterpieces of literature!


Via: Faithtap

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