Is It A Truck Or A House? Step Inside For A Look At One Man's Labor Of Love

You probably pass trucks like this every day on the highway, transporting produce and food across the country, and never give them a second thought. 

But if you're Israeli professional animator Joseph Tayyar, you see an amazing possibility for an off-the-grid home.

The 7-inch-thick insulated walls keep the home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The full kitchen is surprisingly spacious.


And even has a built-in dining nook.

Every inch of space serves a function, yet still has the look and feel of simplicity.

It is also completely customized to meet Tayyar’s needs.

The home is powered by photovoltaic panels. Look at that view...


Tayyar put his artistic and analytical skills into designing the power and the water reservoir.

As well as the sublimely simple layout of the home itself. Could you live in something like this?

Credit: Tiny House For Us | Decoist

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