Is This Mexican Bridal Shop Mannequin Actually A Preserved Corpse?

There's a famous bridal shop in the middle of Chihuahua, Mexico... and for 75 years, the mannequin in the store window has been rumored to be the preserved daughter of the store's former owner. So creepy, but is it true? Nobody really knows. Take a look at this super detailed bride and decide for yourself.

The mannequin is called La Pascualita, named after the shop and the former owner, Pascuala Esparza.

When La Pascualita arrived, locals immediately suspected that she was really the body of the owner's daughter.

Now, this is where it gets really creepy: Pascuala's daughter died of a Black Widow spider bite on her wedding day. 


Pascuala denied that the mannequin was her daughter, but no one believed her.

According to legend, La Pascualita's eyes follow customers around the store. Some say her position shifts at night.

She changes dresses frequently, but only the owner and some very close employees are allowed to change her clothes.

Not everyone is creeped out by La Pascualita, though; some brides consider her a saint and leave gifts and prayers for her with the shop’s employees.


Although she is disturbingly life-like, some people say that she is actually a wax dummy.

Either way, those hands are so, so eerie. What do you think? Real or fake?

Credit: Reddit

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