Is Your Hair A Mess? 15 Hacks To Make You Look Spectacular In Seconds

Men and women are faced with a serious issue while getting dressed every single day... You can have the perfect outfit and perfect shoes picked out, but if your hair isn't looking great, it's all for nothing. That's where handy hairstyling hacks come into play. All of these styling tips are meant to tame your tresses quickly and easily, plus give you a healthy dose of high-class fashion!

Read through this list of our top 15 tips and tricks for getting that perfect 'do, and be sure to let us know how they went when you try 'em out! Enjoy!

1. One Minute Hair


Looking for a quick hairdo? Pull your hair back into two ponytails, twist them off, and tie them up into a messy bun. Overlap them for extra flair!

2. Know Your Curls


Who knew that different types of curls could be achieved by turning your curling wand or iron just a few inches to the left or right?!

3. Wrap It Up


If you want to show off your natural waves, grab a bandana and use it to wrap your tiny tendrils back and keep them off your face.

4. Boar Bristle Brush

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If you can, invest in a boar bristle brush. They are much less likely to cause breakage or frizz than normal plastic or metal brushes!

5. Dry Shampoo


If you know you won't have time to wash your hair in the morning, spray in a little dry shampoo before bed. This gives it time to fully distribute throughout your hair.


6. Aluminum Curls


If you have pin-straight hair, some experts say that wrapping your hair in aluminum foil before curling will help the style last longer. It's worth a shot!

7. Tuck It Under


Instead of spending hours painstakingly curling your hair, simply go to sleep with it up in a bun. When you unravel it in the morning, you'll have a wavy ponytail!

8. Pat It Dry


Is your hair prone to breakage? If so, try patting your hair dry instead of rubbing it with your towel. It really works! We promise!

9. Sticky Pins


In order to make your bobby pins stay in your hair longer, carefully spray both sides with hairspray. This will help you have a style that lasts!

10. Sauna Time


If your gym or apartment complex has a sauna, use your time there to deep condition your hair. The hot air will help the conditioner penetrate all the way through your follicles.

11. Boho Curls


To create boho-style curls, curl your hair as normal, but then spray it with hairspray and give it a gentle tug. You'll look tousled and effortless!


12. Geometry

Diane Kingsbeck

Who says bobby pins have to be boring?! Use the creative side of your brain to create adorable geometric shapes like triangles and sunbursts with your bobby pins!

13. Messy Braids


Did you forget to wash your hair last night? Tie the front section back into a loose braid. It'll hide the oil and look absolutely adorable!

14. The Sticky Brush


If you always seem to be pushing back flyaways, take control of them by spraying hairspray on a toothbrush. Brush it over your baby hairs before styling.

15. Twist And Tie


Instead of risking damage or breakage to your hair, experiment with tying it into knots! This creates a super unique and guaranteed breakage-free look.

These hair hacks are definitely sure to keep you looking great year round, so try a few and stick to what works for you!

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