It Doesn't Look Like Much, But This Door Leads To The Weirdest Presidential Vacation Spot Ever.

Florida is a great state for vacations. From the sunny beaches to the exciting amusement parks, there is something for everyone to love... even presidents. When John F. Kennedy Jr. was elected in 1961, Cold War paranoia was rampant in America. War seemed imminent, but why let that a ruin a family vacation?

When the Kennedys visited Florida, they could rest assured that they had access to a special presidential vacation bunker, nicknamed “Operation Hotel.” 

The underground location on Peanut Island was built in only ten days. The space was small, but guaranteed to withstand a nuclear blast.   

It was also equipped with everything JFK would need to contact the outside world. It’s only been fifty years, but the technology is practically unrecognizable. 


The U.S. government denied that the shelter existed until 1974, but today it is open for tours.  mes

The general public can even view the rations that were left in case of emergency for JFK and up to 30 members of his family and staff. These included lead-lined cans of food, radiation detection kits and, of course, drinking water. 

The next time you are in Florida, stop by the JFK vacation bunker. It is open for tours Thursday through Sunday and, after all, there is nothing like seeing a piece of history firsthand.  

Credit: The New York Times | Roadtrippers

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