It Looks Like A Colorful Monument From Here, But Wait Until You Get Closer. I Never Would've Guessed

Santa Rosa, California is located along Route 66 and is a place of perfect Americana: rotating neon signs, gardens and a plethora of theater companies granted Santa Rosa the nickname "America's Cornucopia."

It's also home to the Cyclisk, a 65-foot tall obelisk similar to the Washington Monument, made entirely out of bikes.

Mark Grieve and Iliana Spector created the Cyclisk in 2010 by repurposing 340 old bikes for use in this impressive public sculpture.

The city of Santa Rosa encouraged the project and describes it as "a visual metaphor for the human experience – technology and the humanities – history and the future – individual and collective.  Evoking a ‘world of possibilities,’ it will be a work communicating to all walks of life – all ages, relevant for years to come.”

A Santa Rosa Cyclisk enthusiast made this slideshow out of the construction of the monument. You can really see the massive scale and public presentation here. Road trip anyone?

Credit: RoadTrippers

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