It Looks Like A Halloween Costume, But This Mask Is Part Of One Of The Most Fascinating Art Projects

Students at the Japan School of Wool have created a project that might be the most adorable thing that will ever haunt your dreams. Lead by professor Housetu Sato, the students constructed enormous, wearable, wool felt cat heads that are somewhat unsettlingly realistic. The heads are on display at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum this spring, but it's the photos of the heads being worn as masks that really bring them to life.

"Where do you think you're going?"

"Give me a minute, I need to sit down for a cat nap."

"Fresh catnip for all."

"If x is the bird outside the window and y is the window... nope, still won't work."


"Don't act surprised. You know how cats love ledges."

"And now we dance."

"Enchante, kitty."

"Tastes like cat food."

“Doing a little meditation on string theory. Like how to catch the string.”


Look at the table of tiny wool cats behind him.

"Ready for my closeup."

"Praying for that sunny spot to appear in time for a good nap."

"You might know me as your adjunct purrrrr-fessor."

Credit: Japan School of Wool Art | Twited Sifter

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