It Looks Like A Kid's Treehouse From A Distance. But When You Look Inside, It's Simply Stunning

The natural trees and flora of the island of Samoa are one of its biggest tourist draws. While the water views and tropical weather are magnificent, the Samoan banyan trees are breathtaking.

One homeowner decided to use the trees to his advantage.

So he built the home right into the side of a tree.

He calls it Lupe Sina, which means "white dove" in Samoan.

It's the only tree resort in all of the South Pacific.

The home is actually built inside the tree. The floorboards and walls wind in and out of the tree, sometimes jutting out of it and winding up the trunk.


Although it's perfectly entwined with nature, the house has modern luxuries like electricity and wi-fi.

The branches of the tree jut in and out of the house in their natural curves.

You are never able to forget that you are living inside a real tree.

The banyan branches add one-of-a-kind texture to the walls.

A canopy and a skylight over the bed let you wake up to the sun peering through the leaves of the tree.

There's even a bathroom with modern plumbing in Lupe Sina.


But the shower lets you water the tree as you bathe.

It's the kind of unique experience no traditional resort could ever hope to give you.

The views for taking in a leisurely breakfast are to die for.

There's even enough room at the base of the tree for a full family vacation gathering.

One of the visitors reviewed their stay at Lupe Sina, saying: "Pictures cannot translate this feeling. You rest on, within, and among the trees, embraced by jungle, embedded in a breathtaking oceanic-tropical scenery and people with a huge heart care for you."

Just another sunset on another perfect day in vacation paradise.

Credit: Trip Advisor

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