It Looks Like A Lonely Raft In The Middle Of The Sea, But It's What Lies Beneath That Is So Rare

Many of us often fantasize about vacationing or living in a tropical resort along the beach. The vastness of the ocean and calming sound of the waves can provide the perfect backdrop for relaxation from all of life’s worries and problems.

The Manta Resort located in Zanzibar, Tanzania has decided to take this idea one step further by creating a resort experience that is completely offshore.

The living space itself is a three-story building that is located about 250 meters offshore from the beach.


After checking and registering on land, you are ushered to a boat that delivers you to your offshore paradise where you are greeted with food and refreshing drinks.

A boat is available to come by at your request should you ever want to roam the beach or get room service delivered, but the purpose of staying in a room like this is to achieve total peace from all distractions. Because of this, the resort offers a disclaimer that the offshore arrangements aren’t suitable for everyone.

The top floor of the three-story building is completely open and perfect for sunbathing and lounging around on those lazy vacation days.


The bottom floor is actually underwater and is the location of the bedroom. All four walls are made entirely of glass and lights allow for the viewing of local wildlife, even at night.

The room floats just above a coral reef, so a huge variety of tropical fish often swim by.

The reef itself acts as a sort of safe haven for many local fish from predators. By being closer to the surface of the water, visibility is increased and plants are able to grow and give shelter.

Credit: Roadtrippers | The Manta Resort

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