It Looks Like A Nice Box Of Money, But Wait Until You Get A Closer Look

Woodworking sculptor Randall Rosenthal has spent thousands of hours perfecting his craft. This 60-year-old New Yorker has an impressive command of his materials, pulling incredible textures out of wood. 

1. This project began as three white pine pieces glued together to form a block base.

2. The entire sculpture would emerge from this block of wood.

3. Slowly, an interesting shape began to emerge from the block.

4. The wavy edges started to appear from the sharp cube.

5. The edges became a little more jagged, but it still wasn't clear.

6. Now you can really start to see that it is a cardboard box.

7. He painstakingly carved out sections and created the illusion of a box containing stacks of something.

8. Amazing attention to detail brings out the appearance of a cardboard box's corrugated material.


9. From here, you'd never believe this wasn't cardboard.

10. Taking a break from carving, Randall began building up layers of paint.

11. The detail in his painting is almost as impressive as the shape of the piece.

12. At first glance, you'd never suspect these weren't real bills.

13. The cardboard starts to come to life with paint.

14. A multitude of washed-out layers gives the effect of realism.

15. Even close up, the effect is out of this world.

16. It's astounding that this was once three pieces of wood glued together.


17. Now it's the finished product, a piece he calls "Old Money."

18. All of the details would make you think this is really a box full of money.

19. Randall's reach extends all the way to Japan, where he's been featured on television for his work.

20. He has been commissioned to make a second "Old Money" piece.

If you found this in the woods, you'd almost be too impressed to be disappointed! No matter how long I look at this, I still can't believe what he's done here.

Credit: Sawmill Creek

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