It Looks Like A Normal Church From Above, But Wait Until You See It At Eye-Level

Art Museum Z33 in Hasselt, Belgium wanted to bring art outside of its museum walls and into its landscape space. The resulting trajectory, "Pit," part of larger exhibit "Z-OUT," displays public artworks by 10 artists. Each piece stands alone, unclustered, each requiring its own trip to see and appreciate it.

One of the most riveting pieces was "Reading Between The Lines" by collective Gijs Van Vaerenbergh.

It's a church constructed with 30 tons of steel ribs placed in such a way that it's transparent on each side.


The grounds of Z33 are on the former site of Hasselt Béguinage, a community of monastic women.

The French word "béguinage" describes both the women and the architecture they inhabited throughout the 12th-18th centuries.

The Low Countries, the coastal area making up present-day Belgium and the Netherlands, began shutting down the numerous béguinages in the 19th century, as they'd started becoming obsolete.

The museum's name, Z33, stands for "Zuivelmarkt 33," the convent's site when it was purchased by the Province of Limburg in 1938.


Gijs Van Varenbergh is two young artists, Pieterjan Gijs and Arnout Van Vaerenbergh, who specialize in site-specific installations.

Z33's "Pit" exhibit is on display throughout the summer of 2016.

Credit: ArchFly | Z33

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